Values in Millennial World

Values are what defines us as a person. Values are what is passed on to us as a result of our upbringing, social settings, and our experiences. At times these values helps us to make right decisions in life and sometimes these values limit us as a person. Yesterday sad news of passing away of Sushant Singh Rajput shocked the entire nation. He was a successful actor and a humble person. In-spite of being from a small town he worked hard to achieve success. It’s sad the way things turned out. Depression and feelings of loneliness is what most of us have gone through and it’s a painful phase.

The society we are currently living in is very cruel. There are some well established people in every industry for whom struggle and life might be relatively easy but still they are mean to people who work hard. This insecurity of theirs is not easily understood by people who believe this world is as good as they are. These few good souls are hurt so many times that trusting someone becomes difficult. Feelings of loneliness and worthlessness sets in and if they don’t find right support system we get to hear shocking news like Sushant. This kind of norm is not restricted to any one industry. Bollywood is a hard place and few achieve success.

My experience has been of working in a multinational company. I am graduate from one of the premium colleges of our country and the life I had outside college was not what I had imagined in my dreams. When I joined my workplace there was an unusual hatred towards me. I thought maybe I am new so it would take some time to adjust. I tried and tried and tried. I was always polite and good to them even if they were rude to me. I worked hard, neglected my health but still never felt I was recognized for what I achieved.

I was hated because of reasons I never thought even existed – I studied in a good school and achieved that position early in life what took them years of experience. Was that my mistake? I was mocked by them at times that what do they teach in good schools. I wasn’t able to make friends easily because I am an introvert who doesn’t drink, smoke or have non-veg. I never thought that these personal habits could also be means to make me feel bad about my values in life. My work in noway was affected by my personal habits then what’s the discussion for? It takes years of hard work to clear examinations, rounds of interviews, group discussions, case studies to secure that position in a good school. My co-workers were parents as well. One day I told them maybe they would like their kids to tell them what they teach in a good school and noone answered me back then. When we want the same kind of life for our kids why do we forget to treat other people well.

I had a different perception of this world. I was always taught to be good to others, and even if others are doing wrong to us we should never harm them back. I am born and brought up in a small town. Smaller towns gives us time to understand and see how the other person is reacting to our words and actions because life is not so fast paced. Smaller towns gives us an opportunity to understand people around whom our life revolves, share food with them, go for an evening walk with them or just discuss the latest movies or serials, have heart to heart talks with them. This helps us to create bonds with people with whom we interact on a daily basis. These informal yet important things are not there in big metro cities. People see each other only in lifts. Noone knows how the other person is doing. For enjoyment they want to travel on weekends away from work life. Yes that life might give a feel of independence and freedom but is that all what we need? I think as humans we need social environment to thrive. I am an introvert yet I feel happy to be around people. Life becomes a hell if we are constantly around people who try to bring us down.

Depression is real and it cannot be explained. Try not to become a reason for someone’s sadness. People who take extreme steps have gone through unending pain for years before they resort to anything serious. Just because a person is humble and doesn’t give us back doesn’t always means that person is not emotionally strong. But yes if he tries to remain strong for a long time it would break him down. We need to recognize and appreciate good souls around us and stop taking advantage of them. Just having a person to talk to who won’t judge us helps beyond measures. It’s really important to find a support system in our workplace, neighborhood, friends, family, schools, colleges. We need to surround us with people we enjoy spending time with.

I wanted to come out from those people who were the reason of negativity in my life. I left my job without having another job in hand and not working yet. My choices in life would always be questioned but I now believe there is nothing beyond the happiness one gets by being with someone who accepts us as we are. Time will give me more opportunities. I need to be prepared to accept new roles as they come. This is the hope I am living with and hope one day everything will fall into place. I am just confused that did my values didn’t allowed me to give them a tit for tat. Is that necessary in today’s times? I always think if everyone started giving back to others with same hatred and anger then what would become of this world. We need to be kind to others while there is still time, there is no use of any talks and sympathy once the person is gone.

2 thoughts on “Values in Millennial World

    1. Thank you Silver Screenings for reading my blogs. I am trying to forgive those people and move on in life. Mentally I am healthy and at peace but socially it’s impossible to explain to interviewers why i left my job so early. Whenever I try to say I had health issues, I get a sarcastic smile from the HR as if they are thinking you were not able to perform so you left. We live in such a hypocritical world that people can’t differentiate between truth and excuses. I apply for new jobs each day and focus on learning something new everyday. I hope I’ll soon be well off financially and better HR once I enter the workforce again.

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