Sitcom changing our perceptions!

As a young girl, I used to watch daily soap with my mother on television. Most of the shows depicted the same theme where a girl is taught to learn housework and her greatest achievement would be to get married to a smart groom in an arranged marriage setup. If she is not married by a certain age then society would not let her live peacefully. My parents never allowed me to keep friendships with any guys who studied with me. I grew up alone, where my only dream was to enjoy myself just like other children of my age did.

As I moved out of my house for higher education, there was so much hatred in my heart for boyfriends that I never had any relationships. But somewhere I always wanted a friend who would understand me and be with me in my ups and downs in life. I have so many friends who are now married and well settled with their childhood love. This feeling of hatred continued until the next 10 years. Then my parents started looking for grooms for me and wanted me to get married. I met one guy with whom I communicated for around 6 months. He seemed to be really interested.

Suddenly my life took a big turn where I went into depression because of loneliness. I gave up on my job. To my surprise as soon as this guy came to know about my job, he started ignoring me. He forgot my birthday and then it all made sense to me. I was talking to someone only interested in my job. But verbally he always said job doesn’t matter. If it didn’t matter and there was some other reason to break up, he should have had the courage to say it aloud. I used to feel lonely even when he was around. I just never observed. He was never there for me. Leaving my job was a blessing in disguise to not get married to such a person. This incident has made me more aware of myself and what I really want from my life.

Marriage at a certain age seems like the most idiotic phrase to me now. Marriage as I always imagined is not a milestone to achieve. What is important is that we find purpose in our lives and if we are lucky we might meet our life partner who would support us and walk with us in our journey to make our dreams a reality.

Serials need to make a shift to change the mindset of our society. A girl has to be brought up to make her independent in all regards – emotionally and financially. Parents need to let their child-free to pursue her own dreams. Just like birds give good care and teach their little ones to have confidence in their own wings, we need to teach our young girls to believe in their capability and in the power of their DREAMS!

2 thoughts on “Sitcom changing our perceptions!

  1. Well said !!!! I married my high school sweetheart who left me when we had a 1 year old daughter. There’s been dating, but I had the gut feeling that if I started making it all about ‘catching a man’, I would never grow as a person, never learn what I was truly capable of . I love what my mom says , ” A husband, a loving husband, is the sprinkles on the cake. It’s fine without the sprinkle. They’re just extra.”


    1. Thank you Susan for sharing your experience. I would always remember your mom’s words “A husband, a loving husband, is the sprinkles on the cake. It’s fine without the sprinkle. They’re just extra.” It’s a really positive way to look at relationships. Having a husband cannot be a criterion to be successful and happy in our lives. What’s important is that we live for ourselves and be independent.

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