This blog is a collection of my life experiences of being an introvert. Since my childhood I was always labelled as a person who is shy and timid. I never had any sense of representing myself. I tried really hard to get recognition from society by studying well. I went on to do post graduation from one of the premier institutes of our country. I secured an admission after 3 years of practicing aptitude and group discussion. Those two years of my life I met some amazing people. It took me four to five months to let them know that I came to the school on merit and not by any quota. I also have intelligence and ideas, it just takes some time to adjust to a new environment. Extroverted world and the fast paced rat race sometimes doesn’t give enough time to introverts to bring in their best. I have had numerous experiences when I was mocked for being an introvert and told that only extroverts can survive in corporate industry. Sometimes back I was bullied and treated badly at office that I just couldn’t take it any further and felt empty from inside. It seemed as if no one cares for me and questioned my existence. This blog is an attempt to connect with introverts around the world who have had similar experiences and if possible can share and learn from each other. Hoping for the best.

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